3 Ways A Green Charting Device Can Help Beginner Golfers

For a beginner golfer, establishing a consistent putting game is crucial for cutting down on strokes and improving scores. While form and practice matter, reading the green can make a big difference as well. One way to help read putting greens is with a digital green charter device. The device uses technology to detect the slope and curves from anywhere on the green.

Learn how beginner golfers can thrive with a green charting device and improve their game with just a few uses.

1. Eliminate Unreliable Golf Habits

For years, you may have seen golfers kneel down to try and see the slope as they lined up a putt. While the habit has been duplicated by golfers over the years, it does not give a true perspective of the course. A green charting device lies flat on the green and faces the hole. The ground-level angle helps create an accurate view of the angle and curves.

A beginner golfer will learn how to properly read greens and will not need to waste time kneeling down before each putt.

2. Learn How To Read Putting Greens

A green charting device is an ideal way to read putting greens, especially during practice sessions. For example, a golfer could take practice putts on opposite sides of a green to see the difference in slope and angle. The more they play on a specific course, the more they can use the charting device to master the putting greens.

So wherever they land on the green, they can quickly make adjustments and help make longer and more challenging putts.

3. Establish Strength & Speed For Putts

If you shoot putts without charting the area, then you may not know how much speed and strength to use with each swing. With a charting device, you can find similar angles and really master how hard you putt the balls. The direction of the green can also help with the speed of the ball and which angle the ball gets hit.

After a few uses, you will start to recognize the different angles and naturally adjust how hard you need to putt to reach the hole. Your body will naturally build muscle memory associated with those angles and you can have more accurate shots each time you go to putt.

Add a green charting device to your golf bag and figure out the best ways to use the device as you practice. The more you use the device, the better your golf game will become.

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