In the Game of Golf, Is Putting Mostly in the Mind?

If you've always been fascinated by the game of golf, you know that most of the scoring takes place on that perfectly manicured putting green, and players need to spend as much time as possible perfecting their technique with the flat stick. But do some people make it harder for themselves than it needs to be, and does this part of the game require even more mental acuity than the rest? What are some of the crucial parts of a repetitive and successful putting routine?

Practice Time

When golfers spend time on the practice putting green, they will try to teach themselves about slope analysis and how to figure out the perfect entry point for each particular hole. They try to perfect their putting stroke so that the tempo is always right, following through towards the target and never "quitting." Some of this analysis is part geometry and part physics, but it's easy to get too caught up in the mechanics without paying a lot of attention to the mental approach.

Mental Strength

Yet, it's amazing how mental acuity can creep into the game and could add far too many strokes to a given round. Self-confidence is everything, and while the mechanical approach is certainly valid, the average club golfer should pay more attention to their performance routines.

Positive Routine

When on the putting green, they should certainly line up any putt and figure out the gradient. However, they should then picture the putt actually falling into the hole in their mind's eye. They should take their stance and aim, before looking at the hole, tracing the line back to the ball and then focusing on the ball itself. They should then think about that line, re-picture the hole in their mind and, once again, visualise the ball actually toppling into it.

Executing the Stroke

Some golfers will choose to make a couple of practice strokes before addressing the ball, and these strokes should always be positive and as smooth as possible. Then, with nothing but the positive picture of the ball falling into the hole in their mind, they should execute the stroke.

Considering Certification

Golf is a fascinating game, and if you are a student of its complexity, you may want to help others achieve their objectives. To do this, you should think about taking a certification program at your local facility. Once you have passed the program, you can put all of this theory into practice by helping others master their own approach.

For more information on golf teaching certification, contact a company near you.

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If you've always been fascinated by the game of golf, you know that most of the scoring takes place on that perfectly manicured putting green, and pla